Maffer, Dancer Fashion Model Bio,Weight, Measurement, Photos

Maffer, Dancer Fashion Model Bio, Weight, Measurement, Photos

Maffer, a multi-talented Dominican fashion influencer, dancer, YouTuber, model, and creative mind behind the women’s clothing line called “Maffer Gifts.”

Originally hailing from the Dominican Republic, Maffer now resides in Jacksonville, Florida, where she undertakes her modeling assignments. Interestingly, Maffer has a twin sister who also shines as a renowned size-inclusive model.

Her journey as an online sensation commenced in 2015 when she ventured into modeling on Instagram. As a size-inclusive model, Maffer has garnered immense admiration on Facebook and Instagram, which explains her substantial following on these photo-sharing platforms. With over 314,000 followers on Facebook and 175,000 followers on Instagram (and still counting), her influence continues to soar. Additionally, her YouTube channel boasts thousands of subscribers, reflecting her engaging content and captivating personality.

As a fashion model, Maffer has collaborated with prominent brands like Nasty Gal, Target, and several others in the United States, solidifying her position as a sought-after figure in the industry. Apart from her modeling pursuits, she finds joy in dancing for fun, further showcasing her vibrant and dynamic character.

Now, let’s delve into Maffer’s physical features and measurements. Standing at an impressive height of approximately 5 feet 8 inches, her body measurements are as follows: a bust size of 41 inches, a waist size of 35 inches, and hips measuring 50 inches. Possessing a plumpy body, she exudes confidence and embraces her unique beauty. Maffer’s captivating allure is complemented by her luscious brown hair and expressive brown eyes, making her an alluring presence in the world of fashion and social media.


As for her marital status, it remains unknown, allowing Maffer to focus on her diverse endeavors and personal growth. Proudly representing her home country, the Dominican Republic, Maffer’s captivating journey continues to inspire and empower individuals worldwide, celebrating diversity and inclusivity in the world of fashion and beyond.

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