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Miss Diamond Doll Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Measurements Plus-size Model

Miss Diamond Doll Plus Size Fashion Model Bio

Miss Diamond Doll was born on October 31, 1990 in Toronto, Canada. She is currently 31 years old. Her astrological sign is Scorpio.

Miss Diamond Doll is a highly regarded Canada plus-size model who has made a significant impact in the fashion industry. With her confidence, beauty, and advocacy for body positivity, she has become a trailblazer, inspiring others to embrace their curves and celebrate diverse beauty standards.

Raised in the United States, Miss Diamond Doll always had a passion for fashion and a desire to challenge societal norms. She began her modeling career by championing the representation of plus-size women in the industry. Miss Diamond Doll ‘s stunning looks, infectious charisma, and magnetic personality have made her a sought-after figure in the world of plus-size modeling.

Miss Diamond Doll has worked with numerous renowned fashion brands, both established and emerging, that are committed to inclusivity and diversity. Through her work, she has graced the runways of major fashion shows, bringing a fresh and empowering presence to the catwalk. Her confidence and ability to exude elegance while breaking down barriers have earned her widespread recognition and respect.

Beyond her success on the runway, Miss Diamond Doll has been featured in influential fashion editorials, campaigns, and advertisements. Her striking features, radiant smile, and natural flair for modeling have resulted in captivating images that resonate with audiences. She has collaborated with notable photographers and stylists, pushing the boundaries of plus-size fashion and challenging beauty standards.

As a plus-size model, Miss Diamond Doll has actively used her platform to promote body positivity, self-acceptance, and inclusivity. She believes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and aims to inspire others to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. Miss Diamond Doll advocates for representation and diversity in the fashion industry, working to create a more inclusive and accepting environment for all individuals.

Outside of modeling, Miss Diamond Doll is known for her engaging and approachable personality. She actively engages with her fans and followers, sharing her personal journey and offering support and encouragement to those seeking self-love and body acceptance. Her genuine nature and empowering messages have garnered her a loyal and dedicated following.

Miss Diamond Doll continues to make significant strides in the fashion industry, breaking down barriers and reshaping beauty standards. With her talent, determination, and commitment to promoting body positivity, she has become an influential figure in the world of plus-size modeling, inspiring others to embrace their uniqueness and love themselves unconditionally.


Physical measurement

Miss Diamond Doll stands 5 feet 5 inches tall or 166 cm, she weighs 100 kg or 220 pounds. Her bust size is 36 inches or 91 cm, waist size: 34 inches or 86 cm, hip size: 58 inches or 147 cm, body type: Voluptuous/ Curvy, she has a beautiful dark hair and brown eyes color, marital status: Unknown, Nationality: Canadian.

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