Mzfel Black Fashion Model Bio Wiki Measurement and Photos

Mzfel Black Fashion Model Bio Wiki Measurement and Photos

Ghanaian Instagram model

Mzfel, a Ghanaian Instagram model and entrepreneur who captivates the attention of men with her heavy backside. Her beauty is so irresistible that most men can’t help but admire her.


Mzfel was born on September 6th in Ghana, West Africa. On her Instagram account, she has an impressive following of around 190,000 followers.

She is well-known for her radiant skin and her large backside. Besides being a popular model, Mzfel is also the CEO of Fel’s Cosmetic and a co-owner of Julikob Enterprises.


Standing at five feet and eight inches tall, this cutie showcases her curvy backside, especially when she wears jeans trousers or thigh dresses. Even in straight dresses, you can still see her beautiful curves. Mzfel continues to thrill her fans with hot photos on her Instagram page. She started her modeling journey in 2018.


Mzfel’s backside is truly remarkable, measuring an impressive 53 inches wide. As of now, this West African beauty is happily single. She was born and raised in Ghana, where she continues to inspire and entertain her followers with her stunning looks and captivating presence.

Through her modeling and entrepreneurial ventures, Mzfel showcases her talents and beauty, leaving a lasting impression on her admirers. Her journey serves as an inspiration for embracing one’s unique features and confidently sharing them with the world.


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