Which is the cheapest red magic phone

Which is the cheapest red magic phone

In this Which is the cheapest red magic phone, I will focus on the Design and Build Quality, Camera Image and Video Quality, Specs Hardware and Performance, and the Overall Value For Money. We’ll also discuss the smartphone’s price, performance, and battery life. And, of course, I’ll discuss how it compares to the competition. Hopefully, after reading this review, you’ll have a better idea of which device is right for you.

Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of the Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro mobile is solid, especially when considering its price tag of $799. The device also features a glass back with a silver tinge to highlight the internal components. A large screen and large buttons make it an excellent gaming device, but its lack of smartphone features could turn some people away from its gaming capabilities, and push them to look for a more traditional flagship phone.

Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro Mobile Review

Which is the cheapest red magic phone

The RedMagic 7 Pro is larger than its lower counterpart, with a 6.8-inch diagonal. It weighs a bit more than its lower siblings. The screen is also slightly less bright, and it runs at 120 Hz rather than 165Hz. The brightness is low, at only 700 nits. The camera is positioned on the bottom, and is quite difficult to focus on the subject.


When it comes to performance, the Nubia RedMagic 7 Pro isn’t far behind the competition. It sports a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor with 16GB of RAM. It’s also equipped with a 20,000 RPM fan to facilitate cooling. The transparent back helps the device stay cool, even when it’s gaming. In fact, the REDMAGIC 7 Pro is designed with gamers in mind, with a 20,000 RPM gaming chip and a 4200mAh battery.

The RedMagic 7 Pro is fitted with a huge 6.8-inch AMOLED display with FHD+ resolution. Its maximum refresh rate is 120Hz and the touch sample rate is 960Hz. The software mimics the standard Google experience, complete with gesture controls, an app drawer, and Google Discover feed. The phone also sports a dedicated Game Space, activated by a physical switch. Overall, the RedMagic 7 Pro is a very capable smartphone and a fantastic purchase.

While the RedMagic 7 Pro comes with an under-display camera, there are some noticeable drawbacks. While the RedMagic 7 had slim bezels already, the RedMagic 7 Pro features an 87.1% screen-to-body ratio, making it easier to play games one-handed. The phone weighs about 20g more than the regular Red Magic 7, but it is still quite manageable for long gaming sessions.

Camera Image and Video Quality

The Nubia RedMagic 7 Pro has a powerful hardware setup that enables it to compete well with more expensive rivals. The processor and RAM are top-notch, and the phone’s design is solid. There is plenty of power under the hood, and thoughtful hardware additions like LTE and 4G support are a nice touch. Unfortunately, the phone’s camera quality suffers.

The Nubia Red Magic7 Pro’s camera features a dual rear and front camera. To switch to the front camera, press the arrow circle button on the camera’s front panel. From there, you can choose from a number of shooting modes, depending on your settings and the version of the operating system you are using. The camera also has a portrait mode that creates a blurred background.

The RedMagic 7 Pro’s display is bright and offers good color reproduction, so it’s a good option for gaming, streaming, and browsing. You’ll even be able to use it directly under the sun – which is a nice feature in a gaming phone! The device also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, paired with 16GB/18GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB/512GB of UFS 3.1 storage. However, it is known to get a bit warm during intensive tasks, so you may need to keep that in mind when using the device.

Specs Hardware And Performance

The Specs Hardware And Performance of Nubia REDMAGIC 7 PRO Mobile have some interesting details. The phone has an impressive 1080 x 2400 pixel screen with 120Hz refresh rate. Its screen to body ratio is 92.7%, which is very good. The display is also very impressive with rich colours and enough detail for most users. The screen also has a max brightness of 459 nits, which is good enough for most users.

The Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro has a 6.8-inch display with 1080 x 2400 resolution. It also features a 120Hz refresh rate, and it samples touch input at 960Hz. This means that it is going to offer excellent gaming performance. In addition to that, it also supports HDR10+ and has a peak brightness of 600 nits. The device is expected to hit the market later this year or early next year.

The Nubia RedMagic 7 Pro features a dedicated gaming chip, which helps the phone operate mobile gaming functions like RGB lighting, haptic feedback, and audio processing. Furthermore, the phone’s battery life is excellent, which makes it a good choice for gamers. It can last for up to 30 minutes of gaming before requiring a recharge. And as the phone is made specifically for gaming, it does not get hot.

User Interface OS Android Version

The Android 12 User Interface OS that powers the Nubia RedMagic 7 Pro ships with the handset. It also features the RedMagic Game Space app, which helps users test game performance. The app also includes on-screen stats and an in-built screen recorder with in-line sound. It is one of the few smartphones on the market that incorporates a 120Hz refresh rate screen and is available in both black and white and in high-resolution versions.

Despite the fact that the RedMagic OS does not allow users to change the default launcher, it does provide extensive customization options. The settings app on the device is a little bit confusing, but the system’s Game Space aims to make it easy to launch games. The phone’s Game Space section includes tools that maximise performance and minimize distractions. The phone also features a button for quick access to key messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Discord.

Another feature that sets the Nubia RedMagic 7 Pro apart from its competitors is its enhanced touch sampling rate. Its 960Hz touch sensor enables it to register touch input at speeds up to 960Hz, making it easy to operate. A front-facing camera enables facial recognition. Its camera has not changed too much from the predecessor, but the software has been improved so that the images it captures are more coherent.

Battery life

The 5,000mAh battery is a nice feature, but there are several other differences between this model and the regular one. While the Pro model comes with a larger battery, the front camera’s resolution and quality have been reduced. It is not worth the price premium over the standard RedMagic 7 Supernova. The battery life is still acceptable, however, and the device is generally fast. Here are some of its highlights:

Considering that the RedMagic 7 Pro is primarily designed for gaming, it has many of the same specs as other premium phones, including a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, up to 18GB of RAM, and a 5,000mAh battery. The device is designed to push the limits, and it can handle demanding games and high frame rates. For this reason, you should consider purchasing the RedMagic 7 Pro if you enjoy gaming.

The RedMagic 7 Pro boasts an 5,000mAh battery, which should last all day without heavy usage. The phone charges fast with a 65W charger, and it can be topped off in 45 minutes. As far as power management goes, the RedMagic 7 Pro is much more efficient than its cheaper sibling. But its higher price tag does make it an expensive phone. It doesn’t have a USB Type-C connector, so charging it with an external power adapter can be a hassle.

Price US$ and Availability

The Nubia RedMagic 7 Pro is a powerful smartphone that packs an impressive list of features. The smartphone starts at $799 for the 256GB model, and goes up to $899 for the 512GB version. It’s a bit pricey for the average consumer, who will be better served by the base models of the Samsung Galaxy S22 or the iPhone 13. However, if you’re a gamer, the RedMagic 7 Pro may be the perfect device for you.

The phone launched in China in February and is now available globally. It comes in two variants: 256GB Obsidian and 512GB transparent Supernova. The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, which runs Android 12. The phone also features a dedicated gaming chip known as the Red Core 1. It uses a dedicated RGB light sensor to support haptic feedback and audio.

VERDICT Review Summary

The Nubia RedMagic 7 Pro goes on sale in China on April 27. It comes in two configurations: Obsidian and Supernova. You can take advantage of early bird offers starting April 22. However, Nubia hasn’t disclosed more information. Read on to learn more about the phone. This mobile phone is a contender for best gaming phone. But the Red Magic 7 has some advantages that may make it overshadowed by the 7 Pro.

The phone packs a lot of punch for the price. It has 16GB of RAM, a 5,000mAh battery, a 120Hz AMOLED display, and an RGB fan. However, it’s camera quality is a bit underwhelming. Some users will probably prefer the OnePlus 10 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, but the RedMagic 7 Pro is a good phone. You’ll enjoy its powerful hardware and sharp accents, but you may find the camera on the lower end of the spectrum lacking.

One of the major features of the RedMagic 7 Pro is its display. The phone’s screen boasts an FHD+ resolution and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. Its touch sampling rate is 960Hz, which is slightly lower than that of the RedMagic 6S Pro and other flagship phones. However, this low refresh rate is due to the phone’s under-display camera.

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