JLab JBuds Air Pro Review

JLab JBuds Air Pro Review

If you’ve been unsure about whether to buy the new JLab earbuds, look no further. We have a comprehensive review of the new JBuds Air Pro in this review, which includes information on Design and Build Quality, Battery Life, Sound Quality, Specs Hardware And Performance, and Battery Life. We’ve even included a video review to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Design and Build Quality

The JLab Audio JBuds Air ANC Truly Wireless are budget-friendly noise-cancelling earbuds. These earbuds are built from industrial-strength plastic, feature a gold-encrusted JLab logo on the back, and offer five hours of playtime on a single charge. They have decent battery life and a decent design. They’re also IP55-rated for dust and water protection.

JLab JBuds Air Pro Review

JLab JBuds Air Pro Review

The microphones on the JLab Audio JBuds Air Pro sound decent overall, but the bass is overemphasized. The audio quality isn’t as high as with premium earbuds like the Sony WF-1000XM3. In windy conditions, the microphones aren’t as accurate, and the sound can be slightly bassy. You might find yourself asking if the caller is speaking to you who is 10 feet away, but he or she is probably right. And while this isn’t a huge deal, it is disappointing to hear bassy sound.

The JLab JBuds Air Pro’s design and build quality is impressive. The earbuds are comfortable to wear, with the angled earbuds ensuring a comfortable fit. However, there’s a small downside – the earbuds put pressure on your ear canal when you’re using the controls. But, overall, these earbuds have good sound quality and a reasonable price.

Specs Hardware And Performance

For $60, the JLab Go Air Pro wireless earbuds offer impressive performance for their price. They use proprietary Dual Connect technology to create individual connections to each earbud, which means fewer connection stutters. The only drawback is that this Bluetooth headset does not support multipoint connectivity. That said, the JLab Go Air is still a decent product. It comes with on-board touch controls and a 30-day money back guarantee.

The JLab JBuds Air have an in-line control cluster that includes a multipurpose button for volume and track-skipping. The JBuds also have voice prompts for pairing and unpair, and a 120 mAh lithium-ion earbud battery cell. Lastly, the JLab JBuds Air Pro have a manual reset button and can be used as wireless or wired headphones.

While the JLab JBuds Air Pro come with a range of features, their main drawback is the lack of ANC. Although they do offer a full forty hours of playtime, they’re less durable than some rivals, which is something you’ll want to consider if you plan to use these headphones for a long period of time. However, they do have a large battery life and a customizable case.

Sound quality

The JLab brand of Bluetooth earbuds and speakers is a fusion of modern design and So Cal life. Their award-winning designs bring So Cal lifestyle to life. The JBuds Air Pro have excellent sound quality, and their design and feel are reminiscent of So Cal life. They come with a 30-day warranty, and the company’s customer service is a delight. The JBuds Air Pro are an excellent choice for the commuter or the music lover who wants to be connected on the go.

While you can select between three preset sound profiles, we recommend going with balanced mode. The bass sound is not very pronounced, and the high tones are somewhat muffled. However, the midrange sounds more rounded, and calls are clear. The JBuds Air also come with three EQ settings. Each mode has different effects on sound quality. Choosing the perfect EQ for your listening environment can make the difference between a good listening experience and an awful one.

Battery Life

The JLab brand of wireless earbuds continues to set the bar for long battery life. The JBuds Air Pro has a battery life of nine hours per charge and can last for up to 36 hours with a charging case. That’s two weeks of continuous use, which is quite a long time when you consider that other brands’ wireless earbuds typically last for only a few hours. The JBuds Air Pro has a battery life comparable to that of AirPods Pro and Epic Air Sport ANC, but is still better than the competition.

The battery life of the JLAB headphones can be extended by charging them regularly. You can charge these headphones from empty to 100% in about two to three hours. Depending on the model, the charging time varies, but is generally between two and three hours. While charging the headphones, make sure to check the battery indicator, which will display either a solid red light or a flashing blue light. By checking the battery level, you’ll be able to determine how much longer they will last and whether they’re worth the extra money.


If you are looking for a quality pair of earbuds that won’t break the bank, the JLab’s Air Pro might be the answer. Featuring a surprising amount of features for a $60 price tag, this pair of headphones will provide great sound quality and performance while surprising you with their value. In addition to a pair of 6mm drivers, the JBuds Air Pros feature Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity for simultaneous pairing of multiple devices.

The JBuds Air Pro come with a full suite of media controls, including basic as well as advanced settings. For example, you can change the EQ, activate listening modes, and adjust volume with a touch of a fingertip. The earbuds also come with a wear-detect feature that automatically pauses the audio when the user takes them out of their ears. The JBuds Air Pro also have ambient listening capabilities and a low-latency movie mode.

These earbuds come with a charging case and are sweat and dust-proof. They have an IP55 rating, making them highly resistant to dust, moisture, and even hard spills on concrete. While they are surprisingly robust, they do require an occasional cleaning, so make sure to keep the buds docked at all times! With a built-in MEMS microphone, the sound quality will never suffer.


The charging case included with the JLab Audio’s JBuds Air Pro is functional, although it isn’t ideal. The charging case is an oval shape, with a flip-top lid and LED indicators to help you see how much battery is left. It also has a short USB charging cable that you must replace if it breaks or gets damaged. The charging case can hold up to fourteen hours of additional battery life.

The JLab JBuds Air Pro’s mic has average intelligibility, but this isn’t to be expected with Bluetooth earbuds. This is because the mic is far away from the mouth, and the signal is weak. Also, the audio is limited to one ear. That means you won’t be able to use it with two separate devices simultaneously. Despite these cons, the JLab Air’s audio quality is still decent.

The JLab Air’s battery life is impressive, but the buttons are tricky to operate. While wireless earbuds are the future, you won’t be able to ignore them for now. That being said, the JLab Air is still the best buy in terms of value for money. However, some people don’t appreciate the convenience of the charging case. Those who love bass will probably want to look elsewhere for a pair of wireless earbuds.

Price US$ and Availability

The JLab-developed earbuds have an IP55 dust and water-resistant rating. They are comfortable to wear and feature Cush-Fins that prevent them from falling out of your ears. Moreover, they don’t produce wind noise and isolate sound very well. Besides, they don’t require any companion app to function. In addition, the JBuds Air Pro’s price US$ and availability are listed below.

The JLab JBuds Air ANC wireless earbuds are the best option for people who are worried about background noises. These headphones feature Smart Active Noise Cancelling technology with four microphones, which can eliminate noise competing with the audio signal. The earbuds are also equipped with easy on/off buttons and feature low-latency Movie mode. Additionally, the JLab earbuds have an IP55 certification and offer up to 36 hours of playtime. Lastly, they can be charged using a charging case.

The JLab earbuds are the perfect all-around true wireless earbuds for anyone who needs to listen to music or take calls while working out. The new JBuds Air Pro feature real innovation, as well as surprising value for money. Its touch controls allow you to play/pause music, skip tracks, rewind, take calls, and more. Moreover, it features wear-detection sensors that pause audio when you remove them from your ears. The JBuds Air Pro also offers a water-proof feature that keeps the buds from sweating.

VERDICT Review Summary

This JLab JBuds Air Pro review will cover the pros and cons of the true wireless earbuds. These earbuds have chunky, light earpieces that dock in a portable charging case. LED status lights on the earbuds flash different colors to indicate battery life, and they also come with a wide variety of accessories. However, they may not be for everyone.

The microphone in the JLab JBuds Air does not provide great intelligibility, as it is far from the mouth. Additionally, the signal is weak, so you’ll hear only one ear’s voice. The JLab JBuds Air aren’t particularly great in this category, but they’re certainly better than nothing. JLab also offers a recharging case with ten additional chargeable units, and a USB cable.

The JBuds Air Pro come in a sea blue box with a cardboard sleeve. The earbuds themselves weigh around 7g. The charging case is about the same weight. They come with a charging case. Depending on your needs, the case can hold between 30 and 80 hours of listening time. The battery life is more than sufficient for an average person. And the battery life is more than sufficient – the JBuds can be charged in less than 2 hours.

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