Sennheiser Sport True Wireless Review

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless Review

To help you decide whether a pair of Bluetooth headphones is right for you, we’ve compiled a detailed review of the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless. This article covers Design and Build Quality, Battery Life, and Specs Hardware and Performance. In addition, we’ll look at how well the buds sound, how long they last, and how comfortable they are.

Design and Build Quality

Those who enjoy the sporty lifestyle and appreciate great audio quality will be pleased with the Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless headphones. Despite their price tag, this pair of Bluetooth headphones doesn’t offer all of the popular wireless features that make them so popular. Those who are looking for durable aesthetics, extended battery life, and versatile sound are better served by other models. In addition, they lack features such as multipoint technology, Find My Buds, wireless charging, and personalized fit.

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless Review

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless Review

The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless headphones are designed for athletes of all levels. The durable housing is IP54 water resistant. The earpieces come with Sennheiser’s own 7mm dynamic drivers. They offer adaptive noise cancellation and EQ, which can be customized through the Sennheiser Smart Control app. They also boast a frequency response of five to twenty-one kHz and an impressive battery life of nine hours, plus up to 27 hours in case. The battery life is also impressive at 1.5 hours, which is more than sufficient for active people who run or workout frequently.

Specs Hardware And Performance

The Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless sports headphones are a great option for active individuals who want superior sound and aren’t bothered by wires. With a seven mm dynamic driver and Sennheiser TrueResponse technology, these headphones deliver exceptional clarity and full bass. They also feature Adaptable Acoustics and a touch control app that lets you tweak the EQ and other settings to your preference.

The Momentum True Wireless headphones redefine the audio standard in true wireless earbuds, with their advanced Bluetooth technology, audiophile 7mm dynamic drivers, and Qualcomm(r) aptX compatibility. Despite their price tag, the Momentum True Wireless headphones are as close to perfect as you’re likely to find in this category. The sound quality is outstanding, with balanced audio, punchy bass, and lots of detail.

The SPORT MTW3 headphones have a six-hour battery life, although it might be necessary to recharge your headphones frequently. To improve battery life, you can use a micro USB charging cord. The cable will charge the headphones in ten minutes. Compared to the one hour claimed by the manufacturer, it takes less than an hour to recharge the headphones. Nevertheless, this is a shorter battery life than the advertised 1.25 hours.

Sound quality

The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless headphones provide good sound quality. While the high-bass bump is noticeable, it doesn’t affect the mids too much. The overall response is flat and slightly overemphasized. The low-treble underemphasis is not as noticeable and adds a slight boxiness to vocals. For the most part, the sound quality of the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is excellent.

The headphones have two different modes that isolate ambient noise and eliminate body-borne noise. In this mode, bass and other body-borne noise are largely canceled out. The “Aware” mode, on the other hand, reduces ambient noise and increases bass. In this mode, the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless sound quality is not as good as it would be in a normal mode, but it’s still good enough to give you a comfortable listening experience.

The SPORT’s highs are standard, but they don’t detract from sound quality. In other words, they don’t become overly detailed or overly harsh. They do, however, have nice reverb tails and spatial details. These headphones don’t have true adaptive noise cancellation, but they do support the aptX code. You’ll need to switch between ear tips to hear the full effect.

Battery Life

The battery life of a pair of wireless headphones is an important factor in determining which is the best choice for you. Most Bluetooth headphones have a short battery life, but the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless offers an average of 27 hours. The buds have a 55mAh battery, but an additional 18 hours can be gained from the charging case. The charging case can be recharged in about 1.5 hours with a USB Type-C cable.

Depending on the setting and battery life, the Beats Fit Pro and Sennheiser Sport True Wireless offer battery life of around 6 to 7 hours. Both headphones need just five minutes to charge for an hour of playback, but the Beats are faster than the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless. Both earbuds charge in just 1.5 hours, and their charging cases are similar. They both support fast charging and the USB Type-C interface allows you to charge them in half that time.


If you’re looking for a good pair of headphones that deliver superior audio quality, you might want to consider the Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless. The headphones offer multiple EQ settings through a companion app. They’re designed to tune in to ambient noise, such as footsteps, heartbeat, and other sounds. They can also be customized through touch controls. One downside of the Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless is that they don’t have true adaptive noise cancellation, which means you’ll need to swap ear tips to get the full effect.

For exercisers, this pair of headphones is ideal for running, cycling, or cycling. They’re made for durability and comfort, and are splash and dust-resistant. They come with a charging case and lanyard cord, as well as multiple sets of ear tips. In addition, the SPORT True Wireless has a battery life of nine hours (plus 27 hours in case of an accidental spill), and they have a 1.5-hour charging time.


The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless has all of the basic features a sportsman needs in a headphone and offers some nice extras. These are lightweight, comfortable, and come with a USB-C charging cable and shoelace-style lanyard cord. These headphones do not have Noise Cancellation or fast charging, but they make up for these shortcomings with a few nice extras. However, there are a few drawbacks to this headphone, and you may have to decide for yourself.

The in-line control and short cable could cause them to rub against your neck over time. Another con is that they may not be waterproof. While they list IPX4 water-resistant, we have yet to test them. The cable could be a concern for some users, but it’s not enough to keep this pair from being lost. The price of these headphones is reasonable compared to the competition. They are also very easy to carry around and don’t require a case.

Price US$ and Availability

The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is a truly remarkable pair of headphones, delivering an amazing sound experience thanks to its 7mm dynamic driver and TrueResponse transducer. The headphones deliver a full bass and clarity without distortion, and put the athlete in control of the sound by allowing the athlete to adjust EQ settings and change the ear tips for maximum comfort. The wireless headphones are currently available for pre-order and can be purchased for $130 in the US and EUR130 in Europe.

The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless features a closed style for comfortable fit, 3 sizes of ear adapters, and noise cancelling technology. These headphones are made for a variety of workouts, and they feature an easy-to-use equalizer and three levels of sidetones. The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless price US$ and availability are listed on the product page. However, they are expected to go on sale on May 3, 2022.

VERDICT Review Summary

The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is a pair of Bluetooth headphones that are available for pre-order and will cost $130 in the US or EUR130 in Europe. The headphones come in one color option, black, with a copper colored logo. It is designed to isolate background noise and feature Adaptable Acoustics for clear vocals. This pair of Bluetooth headphones works well with all kinds of music, including pop, jazz, and classical.

The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless features a number of key features that make them a popular choice with fitness enthusiasts. The Aware EQ passthrough setting helps reduce distracting body noises, such as breathing, which can be especially important when running. The Adaptable Acoustics system lets you choose between open and closed-ear adapters. There’s also a Focus EQ setting, which is designed to block out external noise.

This model also comes with an app called Smart Control. It lets you customize the sound settings with gestures and control features. It has several functions including the ability to pause music, control volume, and adjust EQ levels. The app also includes a battery level indicator and a touch sensitive equalizer with multiple presets. It’s also compatible with most smartphones, including iPhones. You can easily adjust the volume of the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless headphones with your iPhone or Android device.

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